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Project details

Year: 2019

Address: Borjomi, Bakuriani district, “Didveli”

Area: 1400 m²

Storeys: 4

Service: Architecture

Status: Ongoing


The hotel project is intended for Rs. To build on “Didveli” in Bakuriani, Borjim. The area of the plot is 1218 m2.
The project was completed by Rs. Based on materials provided by Borjomi Urban Planning Office.

The area is rocky and the four-story building is adapted to the terrain with its geometric shapes. One floor of the building is underground.
The other half is embedded in the ground, and the other two floors are above ground. The ground floor is divided into three zones, dining, relaxation and laundry.
The same floor is bordered by a parking lot, which is connected to the outside space without a ramp. Rooms for vacationers are distributed on the rest of the floors.

The interior of the building is in harmony with nature, its common room and kitchen are connected to the terrace arranged in nature through a large stained glass window.

Access to the building is on the ground floor, with a convenient ramp and stairs. There is an open parking lot in the adjoining yard.

The project provides for the darkening of the building, which is necessary for the energy efficiency of the building, as well as well and correctly selected finishing materials,
which blend harmoniously with nature.

The customer’s requirements are fully considered in the project.