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Project details

Year: 2018

Address: Tserovani, Tbilisi

Area: 280 m²

Storeys: 2

Service: Architecture

Status: Finished


An individual one-room residential house is intended for St. Tbilisi, to build in Tserovani. The area of the plot is 2,507 m2.
The project was completed in St. Based on the materials provided by the Mtskheti Urban Planning Office.

The area is rocky from south to north. It is possible to visit the territory from the road in the east. at the entrance
There is a covered space for two parking lots, in the same space there is an open kitchen with a bar, which serves the adjacent outdoor swimming pool.
In the depth of the territory there is a two-story residential house, the rooms of which are distributed on three levels, as a result of which the house is more
It fits well in the local environment from a comfortable and visual point of view.
0.00 m. The day zone is placed on the level, which consists of San. From the node, the common room and the kitchen. Common room and kitchen are connected
Next to the covered porch is the outdoor swimming pool. 1.65 m. On the level there are 3 bedrooms, which are directly connected to the green courtyard and
At the same time, it is separated from the day zone. 3.45 m. There are also two bedrooms on the level with a huge terrace offering the most beautiful views.

The project includes darkening of the building, aluminum windows, which are necessary for the energy efficiency of the building.

The customer’s requirements are fully taken into account in the project of the nursing home.