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Project details

Year: 2023

Address: Mtskheta, Shankevani village

Area: 100 m²

Storeys: 1

Service: Architecture

Status: Ongoing


An individual one-room residential house is intended for St. Mtskheta, to be built in the village of Shankevan. The area of the plot is 601 m2.
The project was completed in St. Based on the materials provided by the Mtskheti Urban Planning Office.

The area is rocky and there is a one-story residential house on it, the roof of which is a usable terrace. In a small residential house
Common room and kitchen are combined. From the kitchen space we can reach the porch covered with a pergola, from which we can conveniently reach it by means of a staircase
On the roof terrace of the building.

The project includes darkening of the building, aluminum windows, which are necessary for the energy efficiency of the building.

The customer’s requirements are fully taken into account in the project of the nursing home.