Project details

Year: 2017

Address: Dusheti, Undilaantkar village

Area: 255 m²

Storeys: 1

Service: Architecture, Interior Design

Status: Finished


An individual one-room residential house with an observatory is intended for St. To be built in Dusheti, village Undilaantkar. The area of the plot is 5010 m2.
The project was completed in St. Based on the materials provided by the Dusheti Urban Planning City Service.

The plot of land is quite long, and the relief is straight, so we placed the building in the depth, so that the operation of the observatory was not hindered by external factors.
Orientation is also considered in its placement.

The residential block is decided in a minimal style and is designed so that the observatory does not fall into the viewing area from the interior and is thus more integrated with nature.

The open parking lot, which is covered, is part of the building, from which it is easy to get to the house.

The front walls and roofing provided in the project are monolithic, which emphasizes its geometric shape.
By opening the aluminum windows on both sides, it is possible to transform the common room into an open space, as a result of which the synthesis with nature is very easy.

The customer’s requirements are fully taken into account in the project of the nursing home.