Project details

Year: 2019

Address: Tbilisi, Kojori township, Kiketi village

Area: 200 m²

Storeys: 1

Service: Architecture, Interior Design

Status: Finished


An individual one-room residential house is intended for St. To build in Tbilisi, Kojor township, Kiketi village. The area of the plot is 750 m2.
The project was completed in St. Based on the materials provided by the Tbilisi Urban Planning Office.

The residential complex is divided into two levels due to the rocky terrain. On one level there is a common room with an open kitchen through stained glass windows
connected to the terrace. Bedrooms are distributed on the second level. At the same level, there is a lunar entrance, which is connected by a semi-circular march
day zone. A terrace covered with a pergola is arranged on the roof of the day area. The building is a 5-room living house, 4 of which are bedrooms, located on the same level
Laundry, which adds even more comfort to the house.

The project includes darkening of the building, aluminum windows, which are necessary for the energy efficiency of the building.

The customer’s requirements are fully taken into account in the project of the nursing home.